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About Literature / Hobbyist Core Member Madeline Johnston22/Female/Australia Group :iconliteratureroadtrip: LiteratureRoadtrip
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Interrupting the Fall
brittle carcasses
of autumn trees,
naked and bare,
swaying, contorting, like my feeble frame -
bending and breaking, breaking and bending,
under the pressure of
the words i speak to myself:
             simply cold, and harsh,
like an early winter,
interrupting the fall.
:iconimaginative-lioness:imaginative-lioness 44 36
Guide Me
The shadows of my past, like trembling fingers, strum the song of warfare with my heartstrings and piano-key-ribs.
The ghosts of empty faces, empty shells, waltz to the tune of my miseries.
The war raging inside my head, like the waves of an ocean crashing against the sides of skull, cause me to drown in insecurities so deep within my tired vessel.
I am tired of this warfare.
I am tired of playing the role of some valiant soldier.
I am dimming under the power of the shadows, of the ghosts, of the war inside me –
And my only beacon is you, dear mother.
When the fire rages on, and the music is gone, I will always look to you for guidance – and you will guide me to safety, always ending the war within me.
:iconimaginative-lioness:imaginative-lioness 26 25
farthest from my mind
is the thought of turning back
and drowning in a sea of thoughts,
struggling for air -
i do not want my mind possessed,
with whispers of ‘never, never’
rustling within me like a taffeta skirt
across the floor –
i want to be alive,
not simply breathing –
a survivor, not a victim.
:iconimaginative-lioness:imaginative-lioness 50 23
how can i move forward,
when the fingerprints of my insecurities
are still lingering within my chest,
pressing against my ribs like piano keys?
i am just waiting, for the day,
when the saddest parts of me
are overcome with songs of serenity.
:iconimaginative-lioness:imaginative-lioness 157 62
i could tell you a million tales
of when i stared into the abyss,
and drowned in the thrashing waves
of my own torturous thoughts,
that the dark crevices of my mind
began dragging me under
a sea of endless insecurities
imprinting on my bones.
:iconimaginative-lioness:imaginative-lioness 72 76
your beauty lies restless behind those
hills, where you fought valiantly. and
the man you once were was brave and kind,
but now you are possessed by a passenger
of darkness, whispering words of your
the man you once were is forgotten, and
the man you are today, is only a ghost, a
shadow, of what you were before.
:iconimaginative-lioness:imaginative-lioness 40 41
beneath the beaten earth they lay,
their dreams condemned to ashes,
and our restless bodies stretch,
for forgiveness, for direction –
survivors of the abyss,
amidst wide-eye, silent soldiers –
so many dead, so many maimed,
how many graves are we standing on, today?
:iconimaginative-lioness:imaginative-lioness 33 32
‘i was up all night again,’
he whispered to the ocean,
his words sweeping across
it’s tempting surface –
‘i was thinking of her,’
       of mara…
‘i couldn’t stop thinking about her,’
       and my mistake…
apologetic words,
ones gone unspoken for too long,
stagger across the waves
and sink to the depths of the ocean floor.
she will never hear them,’
the ocean whispers back –
and with wide eyes, he realises
that voice belongs to her,
       to mara…
and there she stands,
in the midst of the water,
staring at him with those eyes,
those beautiful eyes,
the colour of moss.
i will never hear them,
you’re too far away
she says,
and when she disappears
beneath the waves
he knows what he must do -
return to her.
:iconimaginative-lioness:imaginative-lioness 26 25
Changed Man
cherishing memories of the
loved and lost,
he peers across the field
with steppingstone eyes,
and realises
this war has changed him –
now, consumed by darkness,
and cornered
by his philosophy of
brutal honesty,
the ghost inside him
watches from behind
those stonewashed eyes –
no one ever said it would be
this hard.
:iconimaginative-lioness:imaginative-lioness 24 15
he held a mirror
up to her face, and
‘you are beautiful’.
‘looks don’t
and he,
removing the
mask of happiness
he wore,
whispered in
‘that’s because you’ve
been ugly.’
:iconimaginative-lioness:imaginative-lioness 33 28
winter entwines its
cold fingers around the trunks
of skeletal trees.
:iconimaginative-lioness:imaginative-lioness 31 24
fog wraps around
       bare-naked, skeletal
and she wanders
               like a lost child
(without him).
he had once told her,
       to be fooled by your emptiness
               is crazy,
there is so much
               more room for
but he had ripped
       out her heart,
               and now she is struggling to survive
in this world, alone –
but there is a difference between
       surviving and living,
               and without august, oh darling august,
she has simply existed –
she is a ghost of who she was.
:iconimaginative-lioness:imaginative-lioness 45 25



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Madeline Johnston
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
“Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armour yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.”
― George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones


The best way to describe Madeline is fun-loving, outgoing and a wee bit silly. As a green tea drinking and oatmeal-crazed, green smoothie enthusiast, she resides in Tasmania, Australia, where the weather is rainy one minute, then sunny the next. When she isn’t studying her butt off, she is often perusing the internet mindlessly, talking about Star Trek and perfecting her coconut slice recipe.

I am a blogger for Sci-Fi Bloggers and Fat Girl Food Squad.

If you add me on Twitter, send me a message on here, and I will follow you back:


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Soldier, December 3rd 2013

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Ocean Captive, April 10th 2013
Soldier, December 1st 2013
And with the Literature Roadtrip over and the contest closed, I am now able to officially announce the winners. This was an incredibly difficult decision to make, as all of the entires were beautifully written and all of you who entered are fantastically talented. I absolutely loved reading through every single one of the entries, and whilst it took me a while to officially decide, I was able to select three very deserving winners.

I want to say a huge Congratulations! to the wonderful ieatrosepetals for winning the contest. I read that you found your piece to be a bit 'rough' and 'raw'. And whilst it may be those things (only somewhat. I mean I think you are being a bit hard on yourself!) your piece is emotional, honest and very relatable. I really liked it. 

Lastly, I would like to say Congratulations to everyone! You all did a wonderful job :)

First Place:

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Second Place:

HypotheticalsI could talk about myself forever, you know.
I could lean across the lounge, lay my head on your shoulder and just breathe myself into your skin
and maybe you’d be too drunk to hear the mumbling.
I wouldn’t care. I’d make believe that you were listening.
I’m not a liar
but I don’t know if I’m honest, either
people say twenty-something like it’s supposed to carry meaning
and I’ve never, I never, I’ll never fit in.
When I was six I tricked my classmates into thinking I had a real nose ring.
I danced without care. I won a prize just for smiling.
I wish I was still that girl
Instead of a bundle of hair and ribs and wonky thoughts
vainly trying to straighten out
always stumbling into things.
I could listen to you forever, though.
I’d sink like a stain into the cushions and
make believe that I was talking.
I’m good at that kind of thing.

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Third Place:

My Life's RoadtripMy life... my life is like a vortex of emotions
that pour out from me constantly, turbulent
unperturbed by the influx of many people
coming and going about with their business;
as if the world wasn't enough to deal with
now I have to dwell and reside in this little
closet. closets aren't a place for secrets, only
a window where we can reminisce and ponder
on who and what we truly are. Hence I find
myself, waiting; pondering over the many
faces I've held, and not one was consistent
divided into many forms it was...

The face of happiness... Ah! How shall I describe it
It is like a dream that I am unable to absolve completely
Picture Doctor Strangelove as a chibi (although he was one)
Or a Pixar movie made out of war, or a Looney Toons
cartoon with bombs pouring out in worthless Afghanistan -
"hey, nobody says the Afghans deserve pity, only lots
of pacifism and fascism," with everyone looking
back at me with shocked and confused faces.
They don't get the joke - b

You have won:
A feature in imaginative-lioness' journal
Featured on Poets-and-Warriors
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